Players Theatre Short Play Festival LUV 2024

The Players Theatre recently wrapped its 12th annual Short Play Festival with three weeks of 5 short plays per weekend.

Week One's winner was “An Unwanted Ménage à Trois”, written and directed by Brenda Bell, and starring Lexie Showalter and Andrea Woodbridge.

The play features Charlotte (Andrea Woodbridge) and her sister-in-law Katie (Lexie Showalter), who are meeting to discuss the sudden vacation Katie's husband Kenneth has arranged to take with her. All is not as it seems, however, as it is revealed there may be an uninvited third person in Kenneth and Charlotte's relationship that neither one of them can seem to shake off. To audiences' delights, Shino Frances made a brief but important appearance as "Elise".

The winning play was joined by four other fabulous one-acts: 
“FORE!” by Kathryn Rossetter
“All God’s Children Got Equipment” by John Paul Porter
“Just Me and the Ceiling Fan” by Lorenzo Duran and Shino Frances
“I Don’t” by Kaitlyn Rose RaBocse

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Week Two's winner was "Thots & Prayers", written by Riley Fee and and directed by Julian Guzman Abril, starring Riley Fee and Kathryn Loggins.

This outrageously funny play begins with Father Neil Downs (Riley Fee) and Sister Stella Virgin (Kathryn Loggins). Both sneaking into what they believe is an empty confessional for some risqué alone time, they soon discover each other's unseen presence on opposite sides of the confessional booth. What proceeds is a comedy of errors and misunderstanding, culminating in a scandalous and devastatingly funny final moment.

"Thots & Prayers" was in good company with four other entertaining and poignant one-acts.

“Love in the Time of Kindergarten” by Kathryn Loggins
“We Will Always Have Paris” by JC Hopkins
“On the Sidelines” by Serena Norr
“Interrogation of Love” by Ben Dworken

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Week Three's winner was "Relationship Status Report", written by Veronica Murphy and directed by   Richie Byrne, starring Veronica Murphy, Hunter Corbett, and Alan Cordoba-Diaz.

This laugh-out-loud comedy features news anchors Caroline (Hunter Corbet) and Jeff (Alan Cordoba-Diaz), who deliver the news while trying to hide their relationship in order to avoid filling out HR forms. Enter show runner Daphne (Veronica Murphy) whose blatant favoritism of Jeff and obvious dislike of Caroline rachets up the conflict to a new level. Eventually Daphne comes around - but not before playing an embarrassing trick on Caroline!

"Relationship Status Report" was preceded by four other funny and sweet-feeling one-acts.

“Fresh Kills” by Sarah Congress
“Let’s Go Out For Dinner” by Matthew W Foster
“The Place Where We Meet” by Grace Schofield
“Putting it Behind Us” by Bob MacKay

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Submissions are now open for the 13th annual Players Theatre Short Play Festival NYC – all about New York City! Rules and submissions HERE!